AAD COURSE Svalbard expedition 2013 b

This year, the AAD course of Architecture and the Extreme Environment will venture to Svalbard, one of the north most communities in the northern hemisphere, at 78 degrees north, a shot away form the north pole. To understand the implications of living in such a remote, cold and isolated context, the students have created a series of surveying equipment that will allow them to measure, chart and study the landscape and society they will engage with; not from behind a computer screen, but at first hand, on site.

From light studies, to polar bear alarms, snow sonars that record insulation, micro green houses, infrared studies, ice tiles, biomimicry and northern light research, the students have designed and built an array of devices that will bring them valuable data to design their building on their return.

The expedition will reach into the interior of the island, visit Russian enclaves, contact scientist in the remote radar and antenna fields, as well as contact the university, the municipality and locals that live in an environment where there are more polar bears than people, and where half of the year is in total darkness.

Follow the expedition, and the day to day research on the AAD website, to receive updates of their discoveries.

We are delighted to have been sponsored by Canada Goose with gear, and FLIR systems with a high end infrared camera.


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