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Finally back from the seven day expedition and research in Svalbard, where we received lectures by the municipality on Longyearbyen’s past and present , by LPO architects to understand the challenges of building on frozen (and now slowly melting) tundra, by UNIS, the university centre in Svalbard on the researchers community in the archipelago, and … Continue reading


AAD COURSE Svalbard expedition 2013 b

This year, the AAD course of Architecture and the Extreme Environment will venture to Svalbard, one of the north most communities in the northern hemisphere, at 78 degrees north, a shot away form the north pole. To understand the implications of living in such a remote, cold and isolated context, the students have created a … Continue reading


AAD COURSE Svalbard expedition 2013 b

This semester our Architecture and the Extreme Environment Master course is aiming for the far north, beyond the Polar Circle, to Svalbard, ┬áto study the growing communities affected by the melting ice cap and the large opportunities for transportation and resources that the north east passage now offers. We firmly believe that an interdisciplinary approach … Continue reading