Advanced Architectural Design (AAHN02) 15,0 Credits (plus 7,5)



COURSE EXAMINER: Prof. Christer Malmström

COURSE DIRECTORS: Guest Professor David A. Garcia and Tina Henriette Kristiansen

OBLIGATORY COURSE: Integrated Design: Architectural Design (AAHN10) 7,5 Credits  at Johnson Space Center, NASA workshop (2.5 weeks)

ATTENDANCE: Maximum 20 students.


DURATION: One Semester (3 September – 21 December)


This semester our Extreme Environment Master course is reaching for the skies and beyond. In a time and age where science and technology inform both space missions as well as architectural constructions on earth, one wonders what the role of the architect is or should be, in both territories. For this Fall semester, we will focus on space, an exo-landscape which is as young as it is challenging, rich in potential and limited by the harshest of environments.

We will develop a critical perspective of the traditional typologies used so far, to be able to respond to a future of ambitions. The course will engage architectural design with existing and real scenarios suggested by NASA experts, whether in orbit or in micro gravity environments. The aim, as well as NASA’s interest in the course, is not to turn the student into a space engineer, but quite the opposite, to engage the students into opening up for visions and alternatives to the existing proposals.

The course will travel NASA’s Johnson Space Center , to get first hand experiences from experts and engage in a 3 week workshop.

We firmly believe that an interdisciplinary approach to architecture can enrich the possibilities of dealing with the challenges of our world today, and that engaging with extreme environments can create a more resilient and sustainable architecture, as well as a platform for discussion on our role in an ever changing landscape.


The course is structured as a research and design strategy, with strong emphasis in engaging with real scenarios, from a critical and sustainable approach.

RESEARCH: A thorough understanding of the site and context  in question is charted and communicated visually as a constant reference to inform the design, but specially to aid the student to determine the program, encouraging responsibility in defining their relationship with architecture and the world around them.

During this phase, we will use our international and national researcher and experts to help with the latest in technology and science. Drawing from an international network of experts, the students will be supported by reviews and lectures.

NASA WORKSHOP:  We will be travelling to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where we will introduced to present projects carried out by NASA. NASA will support the students with a unprecedented array of experts and scientist to guide and tutor at all stages of the design process.

FORMALISATION: There will be strong focus on model making and digital representation methods. This is aimed at enriching the palette of media, and to manifest the projects in its best form. A final exhibition of the projects will take place in Lund and abroad.


3 September – Course start, lecture and course presentation.

The course will start with a two week research and preparation phase with lectures and courses to familiarise the student with the characteristics and challenges of space and micro-gravity environments. The research will be formalised in a model.

18 September – Research project Review

16 October – Final Review Research project

19 October  to 9 November -The second phase will be a 3 week research trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Centre.

The third and last phase will be of design and production where specific interests developed at NASA are manifested in an architectural program and design.

20 November – International Crit third phase review.

The course will end in a final review with and international panel and an end of semester exhibition for the whole school that will later travel abroad.

18 December – Final Crit and review with international panel. Exhibition opening.


The course will have a series of obligatory lectures  and courses supporting the curriculum.

Prof. PETER COOK- Architect and co founder of Archigram

LARRY TOUPS – NASA Flight Crew Habitabilty Systems


MARIA NYSTRÖM – Architect STAR deisgn leader

ANDREAS MOGENSEN – Danish Astronaut at ESA.

KATARINA ERIKSSON – Architect and expert.

KRISTIAN VON BENGSTON –  Copenhagen Suborbitals.

KASPER GULDAGER – Architect at 3XN – High tech and performance materials.

LIAM YOUNG – Architect  and teacher at AA London.

RICARDO DE OSTOS – Architect and tecaher, AA London and The Bartlett

JOHN ROSS –  Architect, 3D digital tools course in Rhino and environmental analysis.


Several tools of representation will be taught, and available through out the course. From hand drawing to digital tools, model making and prototyping to animation. The workshop at the School of Architecture is a state of the art facility with 3D printers, wood work, metal and composites platforms.

3D digital tools: RHINO and MAYA course

Advanced laser cutting techniques and 3D printing

2D digital tools: Illustrator, and Autocad

Animation techniques: Stop motion, IMOVIE and PREMIER course


For the Fall Semester of 2012, we will be traveling to NASA’s Houston Space Center. We will engage in a 3 week workshop with unprecedented access to scientists and engineers who will inform the projects with their knowledge. A final presentation of the workshop results will take place at the Space Center with a wide panel of   experts at the review.


SPACESUIT  – de Moncheaux

MOONFIRE – Norman Mailer

BUILDING FOR SPACE TRAVEL – The art Institute of Chicago


MOONDUST – Andrew Smith


Prof. Christer Malmstöm (1954) is a practising architect, joint owner and general manager in Malmström & Edström, and is presently Dean of the Architecture School in Lund. He has been Professor at Chalmers School of Architecture  from 1977 to 2007 and his work has won several national awards. He is an international lecturer and prominet voice in the Scandinavian architectural scene.


Master Studio Director: David A. Garcia

This semester, AAD Extreme Environments is delighted to have Tina-Henriette Kristiansen as co-director of the course.


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