• 2013, Fall Semester “JAPAN AND THE TSUNAMI LEGACY”

    In March 2011, the Tohoku deep sea earthquake, generated a tsunami that devastated large areas of the east coast of Japan. Almost 16 000 people died and over 730 000 buildings were partially or totally destroyed .
    This semester our Extreme Environment Master Course will reach out to the challenges of post trauma of the Tsunami disaster in Japan. Two years after the disaster, hundreds of thousands of people are still without permanent housing, and municipalities struggle to devise a sustainable plan for the future rebuilding of the devastated areas.

    In a time where architecture most often unfold its potential in stable economies and with large investments, we will try and engage directly with communities in need. How can architects be more inventive and challenge the present plans of the destroyed communities?

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Finally back from the seven day expedition and research in Svalbard, where we received lectures by the municipality on Longyearbyen’s past and present , by LPO architects to understand the challenges of building on frozen (and now slowly melting) tundra, by UNIS, the university centre in Svalbard on the researchers community in the archipelago, and … Continue reading


This year, the AAD course of Architecture and the Extreme Environment will venture to Svalbard, one of the north most communities in the northern hemisphere, at 78 degrees north, a shot away form the north pole. To understand the implications of living in such a remote, cold and isolated context, the students have created a … Continue reading


This semester our Architecture and the Extreme Environment Master course is aiming for the far north, beyond the Polar Circle, to Svalbard,  to study the growing communities affected by the melting ice cap and the large opportunities for transportation and resources that the north east passage now offers. We firmly believe that an interdisciplinary approach … Continue reading


After an amazing stay at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, filled with site visits, lectures and one to one meeting with engineers, architects and astronauts, the students presented their work for their final review and exhibit. A special thanks to Larry Toups for his amazing dedication, help and logistic investment, in making this trip … Continue reading


This semester our Extreme Environment Master course is reaching for the skies and beyond. In a time and age where science and technology inform both space missions as well as architectural constructions on earth, one wonders what the role of the architect is or should be, in both territories. For this Fall semester, we will … Continue reading


Advanced Architectural Design (AAHN02) 15,0 Credits (plus 7,5) EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS AND FUTURE LANDSCAPES: SPACE ARCHITECTURE  COURSE EXAMINER: Prof. Christer Malmström COURSE DIRECTORS: Guest Professor David A. Garcia and Tina Henriette Kristiansen OBLIGATORY COURSE: Integrated Design: Architectural Design (AAHN10) 7,5 Credits  at Johnson Space Center, NASA workshop (2.5 weeks) ATTENDANCE: Maximum 20 students. COURSE LANGUAGE: English … Continue reading


EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS AND FUTURE LANDSCAPES master course launches it’s Semester Exhibit. Thank you all for an amazing semester, from Las Vegas to the Dead Sea, from burning towns to apiary futures, it has been an incredible ride. Next semester start and introduction on January 16the, 2012, 9:30 am, at the Exhibition Space. For more information … Continue reading

“Unless you plan to live in a space suit the rest of your life, you are going to have to engage relatively unprotected with the challenges of your surroundings. Architecture in collaboration with other disciplines, can invent new ways to design our future built environment, not as an isolation from the extreme, but as an … Continue reading

Don’t miss Crit and Lecture at Lund Architecture School for the EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS AND FUTURE LANDSCAPES master course next monday 31. We will end with a simultaneous lecture with Ricardo de Ostos, Liam Young and David Garcia. You might never travel so much in an evening. CRIT and LECTURE at the FULLSKALELABBET 9:00 am Monday 31. … Continue reading